Getting to and from work can take up a large portion of your day, so it's important to find a mode that suits you. It’s possible to walk, cycle or use public transport when travelling from Lindley Moor Meadows to work.


Rethink your commute

Working from home or flexible working


Do you have to travel to work every day? It might be worth asking your employer if you can work from home some or all of the time, or change the times of your working day. This means that you can reduce your travel costs and carbon footprint, as well as fitting your working day around your home commitments like child care, and you don’t have to travel in rush hour. If you have worked for the same employer continuously for 26 weeks you are entitled to have a request to work flexibly reviewed objectively - this might be to do with hours, times or place of work. The guide in the useful links section of this page explains this further.




If you live within 3km of work, walking to work will take you less than 45 minutes. This is an excellent way of introducing regular, gentle exercise into your week and walking is a very reliable way of travelling, as it will take you the same amount of time every day and you won’t be held up by traffic jams. Use to plan a walking route you are happy with, then step out with your favourite music or podcast and arrive at work ready for the day.




Cycling is one of the greenest modes of transport. Switching to cycling creates a greener, cleaner environment for your local community that everyone can benefit from. You will also improve your own health. If you would like to start cycling but don’t feel confident, you can find out how to get into cycling here.


Check at your place of work whether they operate the cycle to work scheme. This is a government initiative which allows you to spread the cost of a bike and equipment over 12 months, and there are associated savings on tax and national insurance payments.

Public transport


The exercise taken to walk to a bus stop or rail station and then relaxing while travelling on public transport helps to make people feel happier and sleep better, and switching from a car to public transport helps people lose weight and become healthier physically, according to an article on health by the Independent.


Go to the Public transport page for more information.


Some employers offer loans to employees to help spread the cost of annual season tickets for public transport over the year. Check with your own employer if they offer any travel to work schemes.




Join to find someone to car share with so that you can share the cost and responsibility of driving. You could also ask you employer if they run their own car share scheme.




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