The journey to and from school provides a good opportunity to introduce walking and cycling into a child's day, or to increase confidence in using public transport.


Walking, cycling or riding the bus together can give you valuable time with your children without the distraction of driving and parking, and can help children control their weight and blood pressure, as well as performing better at school.


Rethink the school run

Walking to school


There are a number of schools within walking distance of Lindley Moor Meadows, displayed on the map below.

The range of journey times below relate to fast and slow walking speeds.


Local Schools surrounding Lindley Moor Meadows

Cycling to School


Huddersfield New College and Salendine Nook High School are both a 5 minute cycle via Crosland Road and Burniston Drive as shown on the map above. On busier roads children can walk with their bikes on the pavement if they are not yet confident on the road.


Go to cyclestreets to plan your cycling route from Lindley Moor Meadows to your child's school.


Riding with your child is a good way to exercise for yourself and accustom children to cycling on the roads. Advice on cycling with children of primary school age can be found on the Cycling UK website.


Taking the bus to school


Those eligible for free transport to school include:


  • Children up to 8 years old who live more than 2 miles from their nearest suitable school
  • Children older than 8, who live more than 3 miles from their nearest suitable school
  • Children who have no safe walking route to their nearest suitable school, regardless of the distance
  • Children who are deemed eligible because of their special educational needs, disability or mobility, regardless of distance
  • Some children in low income families


Check out the school transport page of the Kirklees Council website to see if your child qualifies.


All of the schools are accessible by buses that serve the area:


  • Moorlands Primary School can be reached by catching the 377 from Crosland Road and alighting the bus on New Hey Road. Alternatively you can get the 378 bus from Crosland Road to Lindley Moor Road (14 minute journey).


  • To get to Huddersfield College and Salendine Nook High School you can catch the 371 from Cowrakes Road and alight at the stops opposite the schools on New Hey Road (13 minute journey).


  • Lindley Infant School and Lindley Junior School can be reached by the 371 from Cowrakes Road to Ligdet street, continuing the remainder of the journey by foot (13 minute journey).


These bus stops are displayed on the map above and you can find out more about bus timetables and routes on the public transport page.


Alternatively, you can check if a school bus runs from a stop near you to your child's school at Generation M.




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